Portraits / Paintings

Portraits / Paintings

Why To Choose Us?

CUSTO-INTERIO offers a unique decorative products for your house, in the form of Real Looking Paintings of yourself.   

Paintings, as we all know gives an aesthetic touch to any ambience. The very hard labour, done to make a painting is explicitly  visible with sobre and at times those meticulously choosen fast colours to exhibit the innermost bonding of the object and the painter. Though, as is said the Beauty Lies In the Eyes Of Beholder, but a painting speaks for itself.

We make exact looking painting with help of your just any image. Just send us your Any Pic. And We shall show you.

Our paintings are being liked and sold on Flipkart and Amazon in very large quantity. We make painting in various sizes. We also make split paintings to give it more ethenic feel.

Portraits / Paintings

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E-Mail  : custo-interio@gmail.com