Our Expertise

Our Expertise


MASTERPIECES are not produced or manufacgtured.... they are created.

And to create any project taken up by CUSTO-INTRIO has lots of involvements, pains and IDEAS. And such masterpieces cannot be created only by the best raw-materials available in the market. CUSTO-INTERIO uses the best quality raw-materials available.


Customised Wallpapers are the most simplest yet most attractive product at Custo-Interio. We are biggest manufacturers of Customised Wallpapers. We have 9500 high resolution 3D graphics and other designs, that are printed on very high resolution printers in our factory. We offer 7 main surfaces for Customised Wallpapers. Which are as follows

1.MATT, 2. GLOSS, 3. 3 Dimension, 4. Sparkle, 5. Canvas Finish, 6. Non-wooven, 7. LAZER impression.

These wallpapers very durable, non-tearable and spongeproof. Custo-Interio takes 3 years guarantee for any manufacturing defect and any kind of ink fading complaints. Five of the above kinds of Wallpapers come with self-adhesive back. These wallpapers are very easy to paste, though it is better to take help of professionals in this regard.

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Customised Glass Floors

A biggest innovation, and the best style statement for those selected fews who want to experience the heaven in their house. These Glass Floors give a magic effect to your drawing rooms, bedrooms and are well recommended for showrooms and malls. You can do an array of experiments with the designs of these floors.

The Custo-Glass Floors are delecate looking, yet VERY strong and reliable floors gifted by CUSTO-INTERIO. Safety glass and Toughned Glasses of desired thickness, with proper support glasses underneath are used by our vetern staff. An area of 10x10 feet can comfortably bear weight of two tonnes. These floors are made 100% waterproof.
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We have been providing our customers best quality of roller blinds and superior services, which has earned us an enviable reputation aiming to maintain the same and we are putting our best efforts to match with the changing trends and taste of our clients. Our range encompasses a variety of Blinds. Our Vision is to provide best quality Rollerblind cost ensuring durability and esthetics.
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Customised Wardrobe

A first time concept in India, The Customised Wardrobe is most loved, relied and award fetching product, proudly introduced by CUSTO-INTERIO. This is a beautiful concept attach your most delighted emotions with your Wardrobes. We print any theme on our specially coated transparent achrylic sheets any mount on the shutters of your almirah or modular kitchens, or also on false ceilings.

The material used in Custo-Wardrobes are always most expensive, impeccable and durable. This work can also be done on WPC boards. Our workmanship and the pains taken on every project and the materials chosen together make our every project a MASTERPIECE
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