Other Custo Products

Other Custo Products


We make compilation of your blow-up collages in the form of Lifesize Photo albums. Photo size of this album is 36"x48". These albums are mounted on the best wall of your house. The large size photos are very easily flipped, while album on the wall. It is a unique concept to live life KINGSIZE.



We develop any of your pics into a real looking painting with Oil Colors. This product gives an ethnic touch to any mood. A must have product for any family with a taste.



We make Customised Glass Temples with real looking images printed on glass. The best feature is that we make the temples with customised sizes. With LED lights fitted inside various corners these temples give devine feel. From 1 feet to 8 feet are our regular sizes.



 With help of our FLAT-BED Printers, we print on transparent achyrylic sheets and mount them on wall that makes any ambience very neat and elegant. Achrylic being washproof, flexible, light yet strong complements any wall with thousands of designs available on our website as well as on google.The glossy finish is delightly acceptable for any kind of décor.



Ceilings are one of the important elements of an interior space as they offer the maximum unobstructed view of working spaces. As a result, the ceiling is an important element of open plan office layout and defines its aesthetics. Since a ceiling has a large surface area, it plays an important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a space.