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Custo Glass Floor
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Glass Floors Are Better Option Than Tiles Or Wooden Floors

Custo Glass Floor

Glass Floors with a customised 3D printing with ultimate finishing definitely adds fragrance to the ambience of your dreams. Having a Customised ambience makes you believe that you are actually living in that particular theme. Among other many products of Custo-Interio that are always taking care of your moods, aptitude and appreciation, Glass Floor is a product that is inevitable for people with a choice.

Custo Glass Floor


In this small life we have to shoulder all responsibilities. Hence, it is seldom possible to realise your dreams. With this concept, Custo-Interio gives a chance to relish your dreams, right inside your house.

Custo Glass Floor 
Why Glass Floor
Just imagine while standing on the roof top of a high rise building, or may be Effil Tower, for that matter, when we look down, the aura is filled with feel of eureka and adventure, once when we are there we always want to preserve those memories.  We take pictures/selfies and protect them. we often take out our albums and try to relive those memories…. through the pictures….

How Glass Floor inhances the ambience
Custo Glass Floor
Custo-Interio is here with a wonderful product called glass floors that gives exact feel of that moment…. Yes guyz ….now it is possible to have that feel just any time and that too just inside your house. We offer to make a glass floor that gives the looks of your choice then be it a view of sky-rocket buildings, a scene of blue corals from deep sea or may be a beautiful aquarium.
Custo Glass Floor
More Than Hundreds of Concepts Ready To Make Attractive Glass Floor
All you have to do is just pick your dream from our catalogue. We can give you a fair idea through graphics as to how it is going to look when complete. You can also opt to have a view of your own photographs on glass floors. Provided they are of high resolution.

Dolphin in the pool
Custo Glass FloorExactly in the morning, when you are here to get fresh, Soozee, your pet dolphin greets you with all that vigour  and tries to play with you….you actually can never part with her. You always want to have that glass floor aquariums in your surroundings.
Swimming Pool effects

Custo Glass Floor

Have you ever walked on the water of your Swimming Pool, that too with clothes on and dried. You can definitely enjoy the charm of walking on the top of a swimming pool with Glass Floors.

When you intend to come back from your vacations????….. that river on hills and bathing in fresh water

Custo Glass Floor
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Memories of your last visit to the Farm House… wish can spend more time
That Is What You Wish To Dream!!!!
The closest view of those high waterfalls the energy of the waters are going to keep me fresh full day and the ensuing days and the days after that…
The play time, I was missing my favourite dolphins in Phuket. I made a visit and brought them in my house now they give me a ride daily.
The back waters of Kerala are always tempt me…. but I don’t have to visit there every here and now…. they are in my store.
Bobby…… oh this video game thrilled me…… your robot has made this hole in your room….. BE CAREFUL…..
Can’t remain without the company of my favourite BLUE LAGOONZ…The rever beneath my bed.

Though it is best when you opt the luxury called Customised Glass Floors, you should also go for other products by the luxury icon brand CUSTO-INTERIO, 

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Custo Glass Floor

That is what I was dreaming….. the closest view of those tall water falls……. the energy of the waters are going to keep me fresh full day….. and the ensuing days and the days after that…..
The play time……. I was missing my favourate dolphins in Phuket……. I made a visit and brought them in my house….. now they give me a ride daily…… No time to feel bored….. thanks Glass Floors

Custo Glass Floor

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