About Us

Our Philosophy

Like necessity is mother of invention,   Your aesthetics sense is mother of your Luxurious Innovative ambiences. Our approach is to create ambiences that are replica of the luxurious fantacies of its dweller. We help you dream a wonderland with help of our thousands of decent designs, and we CREATE THEM FOR YOU. In this short life few come the moments when we enjoy our surroundings and want to remain there. It is our passion to create those fantasized dreamlands for you.

With Custo-Interio style of interior decoration, now it is possible to create ambiences that till now could only be dreamt. We can print the same theme on Floors, Wardrobes, Wallpapers, and almost any surface



Our Story

Custo-Interio is a sister concern of M/s Kakkar Industries, which is in printing industry since 1998. Custo-Interio is an enterprise of a team of pastmasters in the field manufacturing Glass Floors, Wardrobes, Roller Blinds, and various other printable interior durables. We happen to be a team of professional designers who customise the designs for ambiences, and the object to be printed is never a hurdel, but is a challange.

Our teamleader, Mr. Dhiraj Kakkar, an MBA, and a Lawyer, by qualification, also happens to be CEO of our group. A thorough professional at work, has a vast experience in Construction, (civil & interior). He is a guiding force for all of us, and gives us chance to feel proud of our achievements all year round.


Meet the Team

CUSTO-INTERIO is a mission of like-minded individuals, who are pastmasters in their respective field and have come together for a broader aim. Our Mission is to create Custo-Interio ambiences by our unique technique. The miraculous results achieved at Custo-Interio are a team effort of these four pillars of our family. We take all our projects as a mission, and they are achieved with consolidated expertise of all of them.


Mr Dhiraj Kakkar