What We Do?

CUSTO-INTERIO, as the name suggests is derived from Customised Interiors. We print on various surfaces of interior durables.

Any customized theme liked or fantasiced by you is develoved by our state-of-the-art 3D printing technique. We with print Customised Wallpapers. We also make Wardrobes with 3D printings. We print on Glass and mount it on the floor. We print on Roller Blinds. We print on False Ceilings. We also produced many innovative products that have a personalized aura about it.

With expertise to produce all above, we have our horizons infinite. We feel capable to present to you all you always dream of. With our thousands of readymade themes, we help you imagine your fantasised dreamland, AND WE CREATE THAT FOR YOU.

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    Who We Are?

    Custo-Interio is a sister concern of M/s Kakkar Industries, which is in printing industry since 1998. Custo-Interio is an enterprise of a team of pastmasters in the field manufacturing Glass Floors, Wardrobes, Roller Blinds, and various other printable interior durables. We happen to be a team of professional designers who customise the designs for ambiences, and the object to be printed is never a hurdel, but is a challange. Our teamleader, Mr. Dhiraj Kakkar, an MBA, and a Lawyer, by qualification, also happens to be CEO of our group. A thorough professional at work, has a vast experience in Construction, (civil & interior). He is a guiding force for all of us, and gives us chance to feel proud of our achievements all year round.

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    Customised Floors

    Customised interior wardrobe wallpapers glassfloors Glass Floors Are Better Option Than Tiles Or Wooden Floors   Glass Floors with a customised 3D printing with ultimate finishing definitely adds fragrance to the ambience of your dreams. Having a Customised ambience makes you believe that you are actually living in that particular theme. Among other many products of […]

    Customised Roller Blinds

    CUSTOMISED ROLLER BLINDS GIVE DECENT FEEL     When life unfurls so many surprizes….. why not you……  juss.. surprize them with the pleasant images on your roller blinds….. that are soothing too….Yes guyz… With Custo-Interio in town…no curtain will be left boring. You can have images of your  dreams and fantancies on any or all […]

    Customised Wardrobes

    It is a beautiful idea to have a customised picture on your wardrobe, or modular kitchen shutters. It is a novel way to share and have the images that are close to your heart, in front of your eyes, all the time. We can have kids images on kids almirahs. You promised a constant smile […]